Jess (moshtilyoudrop) wrote,

im in columbus right now.
its nice.
no snow....YET.

we're leaving tonight to go to my moms.
i seriously am so excited.

once we got into the city [columbus]
i started asking todd if he would ever move to random cities.
after a couple of NOs, i asked if he would move back to columbus.
and surprisingly i got a yes.
we talked about it for a bit and we are considering moving up here when
our lease is up next year.

its inbetween both my parents.
his dad and brother are right in the city.
and i REALLLLLLY miss the city.
charleston OK i guess....but theres not as much to do...AT ALL.

of course we need to save money to do this....but i kinda hope it works out.
actually i really hope it does.
however, him and i are the same when it comes to following through with things.
so who knows.


i got this is england and the first season of scrubs from todds family.
this is england is seriously one of my all time favorite movies.
it came out last year in england and just came out i think last month over here.
we are so behind on everything in this fucking country.

this is tooooooooooooooooo long.

i hope everyone has an awesome holiday [ cause i know not all of you celebrate christmas! ]!

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